Erik Hoofnagle
Animator, Voice Actor, Puppeteer, Fabricator

At The Drive-In

At the Drive-in: Hostage Stamps and Call Broken Arrow

Teaming up with John Summerson and Director Rob Shaw to work on the fresh music video for At The Drive In was so awesome. The band hadn’t released anything in years and the anticipation for the fans was intense. The budget was low and the time allotted was even less. John and I worked in shifts for the first week, John working six to three, and I working from three until midnight. Together we completed all the stop-motion in ten days. It was perhaps one of the most difficult and exhausting projects I touched at Bent. 


Then, a few months later, At The Drive In was back for another music video. I was working at Ozwest part-time so I couldn’t take on too much of the project, the bulk went to the insanely talented Javan Ivey. I was lucky enough to take some sequences and the final video turned out pretty damn cool.